Tracking Occupational Safety specializes in professional OHS risk management. It meets the demanding technical requirements of its customers anywhere in the world.

Using our knowledge and experience at every stage of your project, to improve your HSE-Q risk management:

  • We conduct audits with occupational safety and quality consultancy,
  • We increase the competence of your employees with trainings.
  • We support you with experts specific to your sector.

Occupational Safety management system;


Centralize your occupational safety management for better performance.


Reduce the number of occupational safety specialists on site.


Strengthen the way you manage to better implement OHS standards.

Be sure;

Make sure that your subcontractors meet OHS requirements.


Improve your performance monitoring and standardize your reporting.

Contact us;

Contact our project management department 24/7.

Project Occupational Safety Management

While you are interested in the details of your project, we provide your Occupational Safety management. With our experienced technical staff, we concentrate on our work, take the loads from you and offer you more time and control.

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İş Güvenliği Profesyonelleri Görevlendirilmesi

Projenize özel  İş Güvenliği Uzmanı görevlendirilmesi ile minimum maliyetle flexsible iş güvenliği uzmanı görevlendirebilirsiniz. Çalışanlarımız;

  • GWO ve / veya Abseilling sertifikalı,
  • İlk Yardımcı sertifikası sahibi,
  • Rüzgar türbininde gerekli kişisel koruyuculara sahip,
  • Rüzgar türbininde çalışma şartlarına haiz,
  • Yabancı dil bilgisi iyi olan,
  • Araç kullanabilen (4X4),
  • Karakterli ve iş disiplini olan yetenekte kişilerdir.

Workplace Physician Services

Let your legal obligations be fulfilled in the easiest way with Workplace Physician Assignment


Technical services

You can assign flexible time personnel for your business with minimum cost by assigning our technical personnel.

Our technical personnel;

  • Competent in matters related to his / her job,
  • Have the necessary certificates and diplomas for the job,
  • Have the necessary personal protection,
  • No driving problem,
  • They are hardworking, reliable people.

Ambulance and Helicopter Ambulance Service

We provide helicopter ambulance in accordance with the conditions of the working area. We provide ambulance for your projects and businesses.

We provide you with the ambulance.